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To make an appointment with our clinic, please phone 403-793 8883 or make use of our new online booking portal, by clicking on the following link: Appointments

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Some of the services our clinic offers:
  • Family Doctor
  • Primary Care Nurses
  • Dietitian Services

Meet the Staff

Centennial Health consists of four family physicians, two PCN registered nurses, one dietitian & seven support staff. Please click on the link to get to know our staff members. MORE ABOUT US


Always enjoy coming to the clinic. Staff and Doctors are all very helpful and make it a pleasant experience.
Linda Dusome
My husband and I find Dr Muller and the Centennial Health clinic to be very accommodating and caring. Staff are very friendly, and they accommodate appointments to meet your needs, ex. They will fit you in the day you call, if possible. It would be very upsetting if Dr Muller was to move to a different city and we had to replace our doctor with a new one. We would recommend Dr. Muller and Dr. Hendriks to anyone – great doctors!
Joan Rhodes
This clinic is the best…great people and great service!
Sterling MacWilliams
We have been patients for Centennial Health since shortly after the clinic opened. The staff are friendly, accommodating and efficient. We are very thankful for Dr Muller. He is thorough and compassionate. Dr Muller explains all the options very clearly and includes us in the decision for treatment.
Mike & Elaine
I really value Centennial’s “cross-practice” approach to patient service. They leverage expertise from all staff to get you well. Example: If I need to see a doctor and my family doctor isn’t available, they will get me seen by another physician as soon as possible. This kind of flexibility matters.
Kyle Jamie
I find the experience here very satisfying. Appointments are generally on time. Very friendly and obliging staff. I give you a gold star!
The clinic is very welcoming to ALL patients. The doctors are always able to accommodate you with an urgent appointment if need be. The secretaries are always kind and treat all patients with respect.
Jasmin C.
The doctors and staff at Centennial Health are beyond amazing. The level of friendliness, trust, care and accommodation is nothing but the best each and every day. Karen and Dr Muller have gotten to know our entire family over the years, and there is no way we can ever thank them enough for all they’ve done for us.
Darci, Brooks AB